The aim of Moreo S.r.l. ("the Seller") is to ensure the complete satisfaction of the buyer of "Marco Moreo" products available for purchase on the Website (hereinafter referred to respectively as  ("Buyer" and "Products"). Buyers who are not satisfied with their purchase order ("Order"), may exercise their right of withdrawal, without penalty, within fifteen (15) days of having receive the Products in the Order. Returned Products must be delivered to the courier indicated by Seller within fifteen (15) days of the date of receipt of the Products in the Order. Products may be returned by the Buyer by shipment via the courier specified by the Seller or by other shippers.


Conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal


The right of withdrawal is understood to be exercised correctly if the following conditions are fully respected:

a. an explicit statement of the Buyer's decision to terminate the Contract must be sent by email ( to the Seller within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the Products.

b. the Products must not be used, worn, washed or damaged in any way;

c. the Products must be returned in their original box;

d. the returned Products must be delivered to the shipper within fifteen (15) days of the time they are received.

If all the conditions required to proceed with the return are fulfilled, the Seller will refund the full price of the returned Products to the Buyer, with the latter bearing only the return shipping costs.  The "return shipping costs" will be the costs incurred to return the purchased Products to the Seller, unless the Seller expressly exempted the Buyer from bearing these costs at the time of purchase and provided also that Buyer uses the shipper specified by the Seller. If the Buyer decides to use the courier specified by the Seller for the shipment of the purchased Products, the Buyer will not be required to pay the return shipping costs in person. These costs will be borne by the Seller, who will pay for the service provided by the courier, withholding from the payment due to the Buyer an amount equal to the cost incurred to deliver the Products in the Order to the latter's address. It is understood that, if the Buyer decides to use a shipper other than the one specified by the Seller, the Buyer will be required to pay the return shipping costs in full.

The Buyer will be contacted if the return cannot be accepted because it does not fulfill the conditions stated in the previous paragraph, in which case, the Products will be returned. If the Buyer refuses this shipment, the Seller reserves the right to withhold the Products and the corresponding purchase price. 

Refund time and method


After the Seller has received the return and checked that all the requirements for the return are met, the Buyer will receive a confirmation email accepting the return, or, if the value of the Products returned is found to have diminished, the Buyer will receive an email stating the amount withheld from the refund. Regardless of the method of payment used by the Buyer (e.g. credit/debit card, PayPal), the refund will be made by the Seller in the shortest possible time and in any case within fifteen (15) days of the date on which the return is accepted.

The actual time within which the amount due will be credited or in any case within which the amounts paid by the Buyer to purchase the Products will be returned will depend on the payment method used, as specified below:

purchase by credit/debit card: the refund time depends on the credit/debit card operating company, but is normally within fourteen (14) days.

purchase by PayPal: the refund will be paid into the Buyer's PayPal account and will be immediately visible. Reimbursement to the credit card from the Buyer's PayPal account will depend on the card issuer.




All the Products sold by the Seller come with a box, which is an integral part of the Products themselves. Products returned without this box will not be accepted by the Seller for return purposes.




Returned Products may be shipped via the courier specified by the Seller. This method will allow the Seller to pay the shipping costs on behalf of the Buyer and track the shipment itself, thus checking where the parcel containing the Ordered Products is at any time. If the Buyer decides to use a shipper other than the one specified by the Seller to return Products, the return shipping costs must be paid by the Buyer, who will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Products during transport.