our craft


MarcoMoreo Footwear is entirely Made in Italy: each and every style is conceived in Italy (in Milan, world capital of fashion and style) and manufactured in Italy (in Montecorsaro in The Marches, the heart of the shoemaking district). It is Italian in its essence and in its entirety, from the concept to production.


Made in Italy means extreme productive flexibility: the market today requires ever increasing contemporariness, prompt reassortment, minor alterations that meet the needs of a continuously evolving taste.


Compared to the past today it is necessary to have a more efficient and fluid approach, a more exciting and satisfying way of creating. Aside from the launch of new collections or the seasonality of orders and sales, the market demands a constant regeneration: a continuously evolving creativity that strives for a personal interpretation of the latest trends.


This is made possible thanks to the productive flexibility of artisan manufacturing in The Marches, capable also of meeting demand for small reassortments and/or minor changes to details.